Holistic detox protocols form the “how to” of effective detox at Rossetti Lotus Retreats.

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being will start from within as you start you inner cleansing journey with us.

A complete holistic mind-body detox involves physical detox, emotional detox, mental detox and spiritual detox. All these aspects need to addressed if the healing benefits are to be realized and maintained through out ones life. A holistic detox retreat at Rossetti Lotus Retreats improve your life in more ways then you can imagine. You will, for example:

  • Look and Feel Great
  • Have Lots of Energy
  • Be Clear Headed


Our detox and fasting programs are based on years of research and personal experience. They incorporate colonic hydrotherapy, colon cleansing supplements, ionized water, saunas, yoga, trans-dermal magnesium chloride, yoga, meditation, nature walks, fresh sea air, beaches, silent time, chanting, conversations and discussions, counselling and sympathetic care.


The 16 main holistic detox protocols used at Rossetti Lotus Retreats are:

1. Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized water is at the heart of the detox health revolution. It provides the 100 trillion cells that form your body all the essential nutrients that they need – water, negative ions with high negative charge and low ORP, abundant super anti-oxidants, alkaline minerals and micro-clusters.

We drink Ionized Alkaline water at the retreats as it has magical health and life enhancing properties.


What is Ionized Water and and How is it made?
Ionized water is made by using a water ionizer. This is a special machine that first filters the water by passing it through a charcoal filter, then ionizes it by passing the water through a water ionization chamber.

A water ionizer is like having your own fresh glacier spring water on tap.

Ionized water builds the basic foundation for cellular health.It allows your body to alkalize, mineralize, hydrate and detoxify. It is great tasting water that is easily absorbed by the body.It is a powerful, liquid Antioxidant.Countless books, research, clinical trials have been done on ionised water.ionized water


This following page gives more detailed information about ionized water: Ionized alkaline water,

This following page explains the central role ionized, micro-clustered water plays in the Basic Protocols of Detox. from Daniel Reid’d book, The Tao of Detox.


2. Raw Vegetable Juices and Green Smoothies

We use fresh, raw Vegetable juices at the retreats. Raw vegetable juices retain all the potent, active Vegetable enzymes and preserve all the vitamins and other essential nutrients contained in the vegetables.

These are delivered into the stomach in a ready to assimilate liquid form that requires no digestion.

The best Vegetable juices are raw carrot juice mixed with raw beetroot juice, with some raw ginger juiced.

Raw greens such as celery, kale, spinach – any green vegetable from the green grocers.

We also use wild plants and weeds such as: Grass, Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, Alexander Plant.

We also add Super Greens such as Spirulina, Barley and Wheat Grass Powders to our green smoothies..

For more details on therapeutic juices and foods for health, see the Therapeutic Juices and Food Profiles page.


3. Super Greens

Wheat grass, Barley grass and Spirulina powders are called Super Greens due to their super health properties. For more details see: the Super Greens page.


4. Trans-dermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy

Magnesium is the most important mineral supplement for cellular detoxification. It is an essential substance needed by the body for numerous functions. Magnesium is considered an elixir of life and a cell tonic. It is required in over 300 key metabolic functions.

At Lotus Retreats you will have options of taking Magnesium Chloride Therapy as:

  • Magnesium Oil Massage
  • Magnesium Foot baths
  • Magnesium Oil Spray

In this video, Daniel Reid, author of the Tao of Detox and the Tao of Health, explains the benefits of Magnesium and its uses during their Detox Retreats:



In this video, Dr. Carolyn Dean explains the benefits of Magnesium for Womens’ Health:



5. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy strengthens blood circulation, decreases blood pressure, improves skin tones, relaxes muscles and stimulates the immune system. It beneficially affects the human psyche as well as eliminating anxiety, tension and depression.

When relaxing in a hot bath, the brain releases endorphins that ease pain, and have an overall relaxing effect and induce a good mood.

The warm water soothes and relaxes the muscles. The activity of all the internal organs in the body slows down as you are in a weightless state when immersed in the hot water. You achieve full body relaxation, while benefiting the skin, body and your internal organs.



6. Infrared Saunas

The skin is our largest organ and sweating is the most effective way to remove toxins from the body. Saunas have been used for thousands of years and sweating has been proven to be effective for cleansing, relaxation and for boosting one’s general health.

Sweat therapy helps the body detoxify while strengthening the body’s immune system to fight off everything from the common cold to serious life threatening diseases such as cancer.

Infrared heat considerably improves the heating, sweating and energizing effects from the sauna.

At our retreats, have a range of saunas from portable single or two person saunas to custom built infrared sauna rooms for large numbers of people.

A key difference between far infrared saunas and traditional saunas is that the air temperature in infrared saunas is never high, but you do sweat as the rays penetrate deep inside your skin.

For more information, read our Infrared Sweat Therapy page


7. Hot Herbal Steam



Herbal Steam saunas are amazingly effective for relaxation and detoxification. Steam causes the body to sweat and release toxins. Steam is very effective at opening all the bodies pores, and carries the herbal essences to the pores so that they can be absorbed by the body via the open pores. Steam also help the breathing, and is also an effective way to absorb the herbal essences via the olfactory system.

Steam soothes the nasal passages, throat and lungs. It also thins the mucous in the respiratory tract. Steam inhalation is an effective treatment for respiratory conditions such as the colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies and asthma. Steam relieves inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes.

The effects of steam are greatly enhanced by the use of herbal essences and pure essential oils such as lemon grass, camphor, ginger, cinnamon, eucalyptus and lavender. Lavender essential oil decreases anxiety, lifts depression, relaxes and helps improve your overall mood. Eucalyptus helps with breathing, and can help alleviate bronchitis symptoms.



8. Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage kneads toxins from the tissues, activates lymph drainage, stimulates glandular secretions, tones the joints, muscles and tendons, and helps the mind and body to relax.

For more about Therapeutic Massage at Rossetti Lotus Retreats see: Therapeutic Massage


9. Neti Douches with Celtic Salt Water

Neti, or nasal irrigation with Celtic sea salt water is a means of cleansing the nasal passages of excess mucous and debris. A tea pot filled with warm salt water is used in a specific ritual, followed by specific forced evacuations of the nasal passages.

According to the Yogis and Taoists, Neti promotes good sinus and nasal health, smells become sharper, clearer; and the nose is better above to absorb Chi or Prana from the air via the specific meridians located in the nose for this purpose.


10. Tongue Scraping

This is a means of removing dead cells, debris other material from the tongue using a scraping tool such as a spoon. Regular tongue scraping has many health benefits, helps you better taste and enjoy your food. It also helps alleviate bad breath, and is an aid for kissing and love making.


11. Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing removes dead cells from the skin, stimulates the millions of the nerve endings on the skin, stimulates the nervous system, tones the muscles, tightens the skin, stimulates the skin’s hormone and oil glands, stimulates blood and lymph flow, and reduces cellulite.

It is also another form of nurturing, loving and caring for the body, It helps you feel alive, bringing your focus, attention and awareness to the body and away from the mind.


12. Urine Therapy: Amaroli Mudra

In Indian, Taoist and other traditions, urine therapy is used extensively for health purposes. Urine is a pure substance that is extracted from the blood. It has high quantities of enzymes, salts, minerals, trace elements and hormones that are very beneficial for ones health.

Urine therapy consists of two parts: drinking urine and by massaging the urine into your body.


13. Colonic Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)


The Colema Board

colema board


Once a day, throughout the 7-Day program, a full colon flush will be performed.


The colema board system is a single tube system. It uses a 5 gallon bucket of warm, filtered water in a gravitational system to gently but thoroughly shift the toxic debris in the colon.

The waste just goes into the toilet. Therefore the colonic hydrotherapy room needs to have toilet, and preferably, also bathroom facilities for you to use on completion of your colonic session.



The waste matter that passes out of your colon in the initial 2-3 days of fasting would be ordinary fecal matter produced over the last few days or week.

However, as you continue with the fast, you will start to release more deeply encrusted, gooey, dark tire like mucoid substance that has built over a lifetime and you will be shocked by what comes out.

There are pictures of this highly toxic substance on the kink below. Please note that it is toxic over a long period of time as it seeps into the blood stream from the colon, it is not particularly toxic once out of your body.

Only the original VE Irons 7 Day Cleanse program, and enhanced derivatives such as our 7 Day program based on Irons program are effective at removing the deadly, toxic mucus and other long held rubbish that lives in the folds of the colon.

Please remember that unless you remove this substance from the colon, your body is not able to assimilate nutrients properly, no matter how good your diet.

More details:

The 7 Day Cleanse Program


This page has a video of the program and some pictures of the kind of gunk that you will remove. The toxic substance are only removed in the Original 7 Day Cleanse or our modified program with locally sourced colon cleanse supplements.

These pictures are not for the faint of heart!

Pictures of 7-Day colon cleanse program evacuations



14. Silence is Golden!

Periods of silence, peace and tranquillity are essential for mind-detox. We encourage silence at our retreats, because silence relaxes the mind, helping us get into our bodies to feel and become more alive, to become more aware.

For many people it difficult to be silent, and our programs may involve chanting as well as scream release sessions that would help you to release anger, tension, emotional stress so that you can be silent and peaceful.

Talking activates the brain, puts you and other people in the head, it builds and re-enforces the ego and dissipates your life energy. One of our aims is to relax the brain, allowing the mind to rest so that the inner awareness can arise.

At our retreat space there is the sound of the waves, the sound of birds singing, the feel of being with nature and the smell of fresh seaside air.

There will be the sound of healing Classical music, Sufi, Hindi and Tibetan Chants, sounds that will uplift your spirits and heal you.


15. Self-examination and Self-realization

Self-examination is about understanding your Self. That is who are you behind all the labels, behind all the masks. The ancient Greek’s had the words “Know Thyself” engraved at the entrances of their temples and centers of learning.

This page covers the Five Fundamentals to Knowing Thyself.


16. Nature Walks

Walking and tuning into nature has many health and spiritual benefits. At our retreat space there will be opportunities for nature walks along the coast and the countryside, to connect with nature, breathe fresh air and also get the blood circulation going.