Holistic Detox Protocols, Detox Programs and Therapeutic Massage at Rossetti Lodge

Holistic Detox Protocols explains the basic “how to detox” principles used at Rossetti Lotus Retreats.

Physical detox involves learning about and applying items such as nutrition, fasting programs, supplements, ionized water, infrared sauna, yoga, massage and relaxation. Emotional detox and mental detox involves examining our relationship to food, to the natural taste of food, our body and how denatured, devitalized food effects our health. Also at how we see our self, our history, our mental conditioning.

Spiritual detox involves examining who we really are behind our masks and our social and biological conditioning, our life purpose and our relationship to Spirit.

Detox Programs look at the complete holistic detox programs that are now available at Rossetti Lotus Retreats.

Therapeutic Massage is at the heart of most effective alternate bodywork therapies. It kneads toxins from the tissues, activates lymph drainage, stimulates glandular secretions, tones the joints, muscles and tendons, and helps the mind and body to relax.