March 4th 2016 Weekend Yoga Retreat – Pictures, Comments and Video clips


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It’s been a wonderful weekend, thank you all xxx Zuzanna


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Hi James,!It it was really amazing weekend,thank you for letting us stay in your lovely place!  Iveta

James your caring attitude and feeding other people juices and green smoothies was awesome. Kanu

Thanks to hari and Victoria for sharing there amazing exercises as well. Kanu

Wow!! I am loving the vibe ?????? what a beautiful weekend.. Amazing people, insights, experiences, teachings, depths, Dance moves!! Thankyou each and everyone of you.. And I love that you are keeping momentum.. Bring the retreat into your daily life’s.. Then we will achieve the ‘super human’ self that Hari was talking about!! Hahha love it, love you all.  Victoria Cosmic

Hari thanks so much for the swoosh idea- it works! Mine was to jump out of bed early in the morning to exercise and make my smoothies- did that no problem this morning using my visualisation- got the kids involved in some yoga and a smoothie before school.

Have felt fantastic all day so far and definitely have a more positive outlook and feeling of energy for the coming week than I’ve had for a while- made a healthy choice for lunch and am planning ahead so that I don’t blow it tonight!! Feeling very positive about making better choices now and just so you all know has a wellness summit starting 21st March- lots of free talks/ health related films to watch to inspire you further.

Onwards and upwards my friends!!  Jo Stokes Johanson



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You all were awesome human beings and o feel honored to share my experience with you guys . Let’s keep in touch and create wonderful moments together. Wish you all lots of happiness, laughter and joy in your life.  Kanu

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Thank you guys so much for sharing ur enegies! I loved every sec of the retreat! Good night! Hug.  Jana


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Thank you James!!!! I loved your laughter! Yulita